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"The Paper Architect"

New Work:

Paper Art Sculpture

Concert Hall

Available in a boxed set containing 8 cards with 9 envelopes.
Part of the Los Angeles Collection.

Concert Hall

I live near the Concert Hall and drive past it nearly every day. It was exciting to watch the construction of this unique and wonderful building. When I decided to do this design, I knew it would be a challenge so I went early one morning to look carefully and find my point of view. The idea I got that morning was as if someone had dropped a musical score and the loose pages were dancing and swirling joyfully in the morning breeze. That is the goal I hoped to achieve with this design, to make the Concert Hall dance and sing as it truly does.

Also available in a holiday version.

Concert Hall 8 card boxed set - $52

Each card is personally handcrafted with love and care.
Due to an exceptional volume of custom orders, Joyce is currently unable to accept new orders.
Please check back again soon, and thank you for your understanding.

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