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About The Cards

Each card was designed by me and lasercut, hand-folded and assembled in my studio in Los Angeles. The exterior of each card is covered in a handmade paper chosen to complement the image inside. I like to cover the exterior so that when you open the card, the cut and folded image inside is a surprise. On the back of each card is text describing the image or the technique involved. You may order cards in the assortments above. To view an individual design in an assortment, click on its image.

These handmade greeting cards are available in Boxed Assortments, or in boxes of a single design, with envelopes. I often do custom design work for museums and corporations. Many people also customize my stock designs with a personalized message or unique imprint for holidays or invitations to special events.

If you are interested in wholesale pricing or in ordering handmade corporate/business greeting cards please contact us by email, fax or write the address below.

Artist's Statement

Origami Architecture is the combination of two ancient Japanese art forms. Origami - the art of folding paper and Kirigami - the art of cutting paper. The result is a single sheet of cut and folded paper that when opened displays a three dimensional image. I personally make every card I sell. I begin by drawing my design on my computer. (I used to draw by hand but have recently learned to draw on the computer.) I then cut & fold a sample by hand and contemplate the design. If there are changes to be made, I revise my computer drawing and cut & fold a new sample. I usually do 12 - 18 revisions in this manner before I am pleased with the design. I don't know why but 18 seems to be the "magic number". I cut my finished designs in my studio using a laser cutter. The laser enables me to cut more quickly and accurately and is saving my wrists from carpal tunnel. The laser head can only cut one card at time and must be hand fed. I have 2 laser cutters with 2 heads each. It takes between 8 -18 minutes between paper changes, so I can usually cut 200-300 pieces a day. I fold each card individually and finish it with colored rice paper on the outside. I can fold & finish 200-300 cards per day so I work in tandem with the laser cutters. Then I sit back and wait for the gleam of delight in your eye as you discover the amazing image inside these very plain looking cards.

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